Thursday, February 11, 2010

"My favorite French Quarter"... Or "I've Stuffed Myself to the Gills with French Bread"

So my best bud's hubby, Mr. Dish (yes, pun intended), works at the *best* bakery in Nebraska, Le Quartier (get your menu link fixed, boys!). Mr. Dish is the head baker at their 69th and "O" Street shop, and one of the best cooks ever. (And cue my shameless plug for his delicious food blog The Latest DISH).

So, of course, on my trek to Lincoln for Little Tomato to play at the Children's Museum... we made a little stop. And I certainly stocked up on my carbs for the week.

Steve baked me the *most delicious* full sized ciabatta loaf I have ever sunk my teeth into. Perfect crumb and crust (you impressed, Steve? I read your blog and retained the details of the creme de la creme of bread). The entire family ate... oh about HALF of it in one dinner. Three of us. One a toddler. That good.

I also partook of their delectable almond croissant; which I am sure will one day solidify my veins. But I will go out a happy, happy woman. I was even generous enough to share a couple pieces with Little Tomato and little Louie, which anyone who knows me *knows* is not a small feat with pastries!!

If yesterday's carb overload wasn't enough, today I woke up and warmed Le Quartier pecan rolls for breakfast. While I was told their new recipe was to die for, I was not prepared for the awesomeness that is their pecan rolls (oh- and as an aside, their cinnamon rolls are made with brioche dough and homemade icing).  Thankfully I only bought two for us, since I could have easily eaten a pan alone.

Little Tomato and I had a Parisian lunch of fresh fruit, French bread and cheese for lunch. I finished with a glass of Malbec and thought to myself, "This can't get any better."

Monday, February 1, 2010

Book Review: "What Good is a Moose" by Joy Morgan Dey

"Agate" is the story of a moose who thinks there is nothing special about himself. He sees the unique traits of each of his animal friends, but wonders, "What good is a moose?" The watercolor illustrations of his friends, each named after and painted in the color of birthstones, are exquisite. On each page, you learn unique traits of each of the animals, even the moose! A fabulous read before a trip to the zoo.