Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zoo Inspired Reading

Isabella the tiger cub at HDZ.
Hello Spring!

Little Tomato and I have been stretching our legs outside, enjoying the warm weather. 
This week we visited the zoo and of course we had to visit the tigers.
The zoo has a baby cub who steals the show with her bouncy play. 

However, Little Tomato's favorite animals to see are 'the monkeys.'
Specifically, the Siamang gibbons.
These gibbons are incredibly animated. Their voices can be heard from across the zoo in chorus with the peacock calls. 

At first glance, the Siamang looks like a normal 'monkey'... until it fills the giant pouch in its neck with air. It sounds like the low-key hum you hear when you blow over the neck of a bottle. Then comes the whooping calls and swinging about.

Little Tomato is enamored by them.

In the spirit of our zoo visit, I thought I would share some favorite zoo/ world animal inspired children's books:

Who is your favorite animal at the zoo?

What is your favorite zoo or animal story book?