Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Are the Words Again?

My mother visited last weekend. Now, my daughter has a great love for ducks. And of course, the rubber duck is her favorite water toy. So as my mother was playing with her in the inflatable pool, she taught her a song she used to sing for me, "Six little ducks that I once knew; fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones too..."

Once she left, my daughter wanted me to sing her the song. So I used my favorite cheat for song lyrics until I had it inevitably memorized: On this site you can find pretty much any children's song lyrics imaginable. You can search by a specific song, or look for songs on a specific theme (animal, counting, nature, etc). Thought I would share this great find, as I know we all have that moment where we do the embarrassing 'mumble hum' for the words we just can't remember.


  1. ooh, awesome idea! Thanks for the link!
    Sarah M

  2. Thank you so much for that LINK! I'm always at a loss for SONG WORDS! I can't sing worth beans but thankfully my kiddos are still young enough to think I have a PRETTY VOICE! heheheheh...