Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cirque Tutu

Last week I worked on the design of a circus themed tutu.

When I thought of 'circus', the first thing that came to mind was  "La Nouba" Cirque du Soleil at Disney. I saw this a few years ago, and it left a lasting impression. The theater is designed to resemble a 'big top' tent and at night the glow of the building has an air of mystery, just as I imagine the original tent shows once did. The same circus fare of cotton candy, popcorn, and souvenirs is offered inside as you make your way to your seats. However, the sophistication of the music, the level of detail in the costumes, and the jaw dropping performances are unlike any circus show I had seen before. 

While my daughter was coloring beside me, I drew up my idea of a circus themed tutu from this experience. The colors, while not necessarily the primary colors of a classic circus, have a whimsical feel to them. I drew petti-tutu ends and an over-exaggerated bow to the design, as I felt the puffy-fullness and large scale bow reflect the over-exaggerated features of a clown.

The following day, I selected tulle colors and began working...
The final Cirque Tutu!

*Fabulous photography provided by Katherine Marie

Monday, August 23, 2010


... We picked fresh raspberries at a farm ...

... We spent time with good friends ...

... And we cooled off at the water park.

How are you spending your hot summer days?

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Cat's Meow

Isn't this mask just the cat's meow?

I modeled this one after the leopard cat, which has dramatic markings around the facial features... but I think I will be creating another iteration on it now that I found this stunning photo. The combination of white and chocolate along the eyes will be pretty fun to play with. 

Back to the sewing machine!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cookie Time!


Last week I made a felt cookie and dough set for my cousin. Cookies are an extremely easy felt food project to complete, especially since it really doesn't require a pattern (aside from cookie cutters).
 See this tutorial for the basics. 

I made a few modifications to the tutorial:
 Instead of separate 'uncooked' and 'cooked' cookies, I just stuck with the one set.
The felt red icing is sewn onto the cookie with a satin stitch to make it look more crisp.
I used contrasting pink thread satin stitches to make sprinkles on the cookies.

Enjoy baking! 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

1) Animal Carousel. Unfortunately the Giraffe and Tiger do not move up and down.
2) Face to face with a lion! 
3) A Peahen preening her feathers, to impress the eligible bachelors.
4) Don't be Koi with Me Pond. 

A few facts about animals learned yesterday at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo:

*Orangutans are among the most intelligent of apes. The zoo had a orangutan who not only created a tool to pick the locks of their exhibit (to go galavanting around at night!), but cleverly hid this tool in his jawline to conceal it from the zookeepers! 

*Like human fingerprints, zebra stripes are unique to each zebra.

*Only the male of the species is called a Peacock.

1) I just couldn't resist photographing the peafowl in the flowers. 
2 & 3) In the Butterfly & Insect Pavilion, you get to walk among the butterflies.
4) Peafowl in love.

The End.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Trivia for the Day: 
The male of the species is a Peacock.
The female of the species is a Peahen.
The babies are Peachicks.
And the general term: Peafowl! 

Fabulous day at the zoo today. More later.